2012 Christmas review

After a busy few weeks in December, we’re optimistic about a bright start to 2013.

The last few weeks approaching Christmas is often a quiet time for IT recruitment; as staff begin to trickle out on their holidays and managers work to wind up the year’s business, many companies have traditionally preferred to hold off any new employment until everyone is resettled in the New Year. In a positive sign for the industry, this December has been surprisingly busy with activity coming from companies large and small, seeking candidates of various levels for a broad range of jobs.

We’re seeing confidence in many employers looking to start strongly in January and working proactively to have new employees settled early. Waiting until mid-January to start actively hunting often means the seat stays cold until March, or even later; for companies seeking to ‘back-fill’ lower levels following restructuring and promotions, waiting months isn’t always an option. Others seeking senior staff or new leaders are seeing that a lengthy ‘courtship’ phase is often to be expected when luring top-level professionals from comfortable jobs, and the sooner this starts the better. With scarcity of great talent and a competitive market for candidates and companies alike, employers seeking something special can’t afford to sit on their hands. Starting dialogue with passive candidates before the Christmas break gives food for thought over a period where many evaluate their careers.

It has been a tough year for some in the industry, with a number of companies going through significant restructuring and redundancies, though we’re glad to see many affected employees finding new opportunities promptly. While some make cutbacks and rethink their strategies, many innovative companies are growing confidently and snapping up new employees left, right and centre. With tighter budgets over recent years, businesses are seeking new, more efficient technology to tackle old problems; IT companies that can offer these solutions are well-positioned to push forward. Luckily innovation is something that seems to come naturally to many Kiwis. We’re stoked to see some of our clients spreading into overseas markets with great success. We feel the path ahead is encouraging.

With one week to go until we close our calendars, we’d like to thank all the wonderful clients and candidates we’ve worked with this year. Have a great holiday, and all the best for the New Year.