• “Reshoring”

    A rumour doing the rounds recently suggested that manufacturing was returning from overseas to many developed countries. A survey in the UK has shown that one in six manufacturers who moved production offshore, are now returning home in a […]

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  • Our flourishing economy

    The signs are all there for a flourishing New Zealand economy and it appears we are living up to our “rock star economy” status for 2014 as forecasted by Paul Bloxham from the HSBC earlier in the year. Predictions […]

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  • Knowledge management

    A good question to ask your prospective employer at interview might be; How does the company manage its knowledge? In return, a good question that employers could ask potential employees might be; Tell me about a time when you […]

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  • Candidate competency evaluation

    The decision to hire a new employee is often determined by just 45 minutes face to face contact. The candidate is also expected to make a career changing decision after the same amount of time in front of their […]

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  • At the crossroads?

    Even within the industry, Information Technology is generally considered to cover two main streams; infrastructure and software development. After university or training, most graduates see their choice as between working with the infrastructure or working with software. Both avenues […]

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  • Interesting times ahead

    About ten years ago I went to a breakfast presentation in which the now Hon Maurice Williamson MP made some very interesting predictions concerning the future of IT. At that time, the average computer had one thousandth the capability […]

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  • Personality assessment: an observation

    Somehow the loonies always sit next to me on buses and planes. I once woke up on a transatlantic flight to find a stranger in the seat next to me checking the time on my wristwatch. I looked on […]

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