• Recent market observations

    Global trends Cloud applications are gaining popularity giving staff easier access to critical applications from anywhere on the globe. Companies utilising the Cloud have found the easier access to applications allow employees to have more flexibility around hours and […]

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  • Current business environment insights

    After a very busy year, although a quieter December which is normal, business continues with unabated demand for Senior C# and Java or PHP Developers. This strong demand still requires candidates to primarily have excellent written and verbal communication […]

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  • Organisational size

    We at MTR always ask candidates about their preferred organisation with respect to culture and working environment. Usually candidates focus on the size of the company as a cultural yardstick and add opportunities to learn, develop and be creative […]

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  • Innovation

    Chances are, at some stage in an interview, you may be asked to describe a time when you came up with something new. It might be a piece of technology, a process, some code, a document or a complete […]

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  • Organisational change

    In today’s ever changing and diverse organisations, not to mention the changing financial climate due to the recent global financial crises, organisational change and restructure has become common place.  Both managers and employees need to be able to adjust […]

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  • The importance of a comprehensive induction

    Overcoming that “spare wheel” feeling most of us experience in our first few weeks in a new job, has traditionally been addressed by putting new employees through an induction programme. Aside from assuring new employees that they have made […]

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