• How contractors can help your business

    With the fluid nature of the IT industry – where technology and the demands of business, clients and users often change quickly – there can be great benefits to a having a flexible, on-demand workforce. While a skilled team […]

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  • Tips for crafting your cover letter

    A good job application will stand out from the crowd. Occasionally a rare skill in your CV may be enough to get you an interview, but more often than not you’ll be up against hordes of other candidates with […]

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  • New year, new job: preparing for the hunt

    Most of you will have trickled back in the office by now after the break, and once again the thrill of bounding to work in the morning is rushing through the veins… Or perhaps not. A couple of weeks […]

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  • 2012 Christmas review

    The last few weeks approaching Christmas is often a quiet time for IT recruitment; as staff begin to trickle out on their holidays and managers work to wind up the year’s business, many companies have traditionally preferred to hold […]

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  • Tips for interview preparation

    Having successfully made a great first impression from your well-crafted CV and presenting yourself professionally in your publicly available information and online activity (see Andy’s recent post, Taking control of first impressions), you’ve made it to the next step: […]

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  • Market observations: Q3 2012

    Despite ongoing mumbles about the slow, cautious market and employer purse-tightening, we’re still seeing some companies actively engaged in creating jobs, attracting talent and employing new staff, though it’s a specific flavour of candidate they’re after. It appears that […]

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  • CV structure: beyond the content

    Your CV says a lot about you. Now, that may sound pretty obvious, but there’s much more to it than the raw information that is often overlooked. The way your document is constructed gives an indication of your attention […]

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