Current business environment insights

Dashboard imageAfter a very busy year, although a quieter December which is normal, business continues with unabated demand for Senior C# and Java or PHP Developers. This strong demand still requires candidates to primarily have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Coincidentally, we spend a lot of time screening overseas candidates that apply for roles who either lack the good communication skills needed, do not have working visas or after testing them, lack the skills required for the job. We found during the middle of the year that there was an increase in expats returning home however this does appear to have dropped off over the last few months.

Cloud applications are increasing in popularity with the view to decrease hosting server costs as well as giving staff easier access to critical applications from anywhere on the globe. Companies utilising the Cloud have found the easier access to applications allow employees to have more flexibility around hours and location. Staff are working from home more often which helps in a better work life balance which in turn can increase staff loyalty, all without an increase in financial costs to the organisation. Providing flexibility for staff is fast becoming all the more relevant as good employees are being contacted more often by the likes of Seek, Trade Me, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media to see if they want to work for competitors.

Reporting graphically with dashboard monitoring is the new trend meaning managers can quickly make sense of what the numbers actually mean. SSRS, Crystal Reports, Oracle Reports, Cognos etc are still popular in reporting but with a graphical dashboard view managers are able to quickly gain an overview of business performance, garner an understanding of what products are moving or network engineers are able to have an overview for network performance monitoring.

The Auckland web development market is still strong with a high and equal demand for either C# or PHP web developers to help make websites adaptable and responsive to the differing screen sizes of the various hardware devices available today especially smart phones and tablets which more often than not now seem to be the main devices people are working with. Hence the new look of the website. This resulting increase in the need for redevelopment of websites is either being done internally or by digital marketing agencies. New skills are therefore required and web developers need to keep up to date with front-end frameworks like Bootstrap or open source e-commerce applications such as Magento or PHP based platforms Zend, Symfony, Silverstripe, Pimcore, WordPress or CodeIgniter to name a few.