Recent market observations

Image for Blog - hololensGlobal trends
Cloud applications are gaining popularity giving staff easier access to critical applications from anywhere on the globe. Companies utilising the Cloud have found the easier access to applications allow employees to have more flexibility around hours and location. As many varied devices such as smart phones, tablets and laptops are accessing the web we see a trend for these connecting devices to need no more than a browser to find and access information on the web or in the cloud.

Microsoft has been very busy. They are soon to replace Internet Explorer with the new Spartan browser. Microsoft is now open sourcing the very foundation of .NET—and it says this free code will eventually run not only on computer servers which use their own Windows operating system, but also atop machines equipped with Linux or Apple’s Mac OS.
Microsoft are currently asking people to sign up now for a free Windows 10 upgrade in preparation for when it is released. The most exciting Microsoft innovation for some time is Microsoft HoloLens. Together with Windows 10, HoloLens, will bring high definition holograms to life. These holograms will seem as real as the physical objects in your own room and can be used as practical design tools. We encourage you to investigate HoloLens if you’ve not already heard about it – it’s pretty cool.

Local trends
Due to the conclusion of various infrastructure consolidation projects and large corporate vendors letting staff go there are a lot of excellent contract and permanent systems engineers available at the moment in Auckland. If you are looking to fill any gaps in your systems engineering team, don’t hesitate to get in touch as I’m sure you won’t be disappointed to hear about some of these unusually good candidates.

The Auckland web development market is still strong with a high and equal demand for either C# or Java web developers with good communication skills. The demand is largely due to help make websites adaptable and responsive to the differing screen sizes of the various hardware devices available, especially smart phones and tablets. New skills are therefore required and web developers, especially with digital agencies, need to keep up to date with front-end frameworks like Bootstrap or open source e-commerce applications such as Magento or PHP based platforms Zend, Symfony, Silverstripe, Pimcore, WordPress or CodeIgniter to name a few.

We have even started to get roles asking for development staff to work from home. This helps in a better work life balance which in turn can increase staff loyalty, all without an increase in financial costs to the organisation.