This month we publish the results of our regular Auckland IT salary survey. As well as reporting on contract and permanent remuneration data collected over the last six months, our survey offers observations on market trends and hiring activity:

We at MTR believe there has been a ‘brightening up’ within the market. The clearout that followed the recent recessionary years has left organisations with a higher average capability. The retained staff are largely valued and rewarded accordingly. This has made it harder for growing organisations to persuade exceptionally talented staff away from their current employment. In addition to technical skills, those key players are appreciated for their communication skills and organisational fit.  In headhunting and networking with this calibre of candidate, understanding their drivers is critical to sparking interest in other opportunities. The motivating factors are not always related to remuneration; however the disruption to professional and personal life sometimes caused by changing roles is often justified in the end by net financial gain.

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