• Perception is reality: What the digital age means to you

    Lately, in the media there has been a lot of talk about Big Data. This piqued our interest so we did some investigation as we wanted to find out what this meant to us as individuals. Although we had […]

    2 years ago, by
  • Market trends – our thoughts

    The New Zealand economy still seems to be bucking the global trend. Although some of the sparkle has faded from the ‘rock star’ status of a couple of years ago, the economy is still more buoyant than a lot […]

    4 years ago, by
  • Test assessment of candidates

    It is important when vetting candidates to measure them all equally. It’s also very important to ensure any tests they undertake are fair and relevant. Tests should never be used to “catch” candidates out. If you start with the […]

    7 years ago, by
  • Candidate competency evaluation

    The decision to hire a new employee is often determined by just 45 minutes face to face contact. The candidate is also expected to make a career changing decision after the same amount of time in front of their […]

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  • Personality assessment: an observation

    Somehow the loonies always sit next to me on buses and planes. I once woke up on a transatlantic flight to find a stranger in the seat next to me checking the time on my wristwatch. I looked on […]

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