• What we’ve noticed happening in the market

    As we move into the second half of the year the economy seems to be maintaining the impetus experienced at the end of 2017. Although business confidence in the new government seems to be lower, there hasn’t been much […]

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  • Our current market observations

    As we compose this we have just experienced the New Zealand general election and are in the throes of coalition talks between all major New Zealand political parties for the race to, and right to form our next government. […]

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  • Perception is reality: What the digital age means to you

    Lately, in the media there has been a lot of talk about Big Data. This piqued our interest so we did some investigation as we wanted to find out what this meant to us as individuals. Although we had […]

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  • What’s happening in the Auckland IT employment market?

    Here’s our market observations from over the past few months: At the start of Q2 2016, employment confidence fell to below the five year average as people voiced concerns over job security. This may have been exacerbated by the […]

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  • Our recent market observations …

    Winter is here and we’ve passed the shortest day although with the recent high temperatures you really wouldn’t know it. As discussed in an earlier MTR Salary Guide, net migration continues at record levels with May 2016 seeing more […]

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  • Why is staff retention so important?

    Autumn is here and the somewhat unpredictable weather is showing a marked similarity to the Auckland IT labour market. Even though a record number of migrants entered New Zealand in the last year, numbers of available candidates are only […]

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  • Recent market observations

    We would like to start the year with some observations from 2015; Lately we’ve noticed a change in the way some tertiary colleges and larger corporate organisations provide training.  Always a very competitive market, training is moving away from […]

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  • Market trends – our thoughts

    The New Zealand economy still seems to be bucking the global trend. Although some of the sparkle has faded from the ‘rock star’ status of a couple of years ago, the economy is still more buoyant than a lot […]

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  • Tips for interview preparation

    Having successfully made a great first impression from your well-crafted CV and presenting yourself professionally in your publicly available information and online activity (see Andy’s recent post, Taking control of first impressions), you’ve made it to the next step: […]

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  • Taking control of first impressions

    First impressions really are important; if you think they occur at the point you meet your prospective employer face to face, think again. Before you even get to the point of trying to win a prospective employer’s confidence in […]

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