• What we’ve noticed happening in the market

    As we move into the second half of the year the economy seems to be maintaining the impetus experienced at the end of 2017. Although business confidence in the new government seems to be lower, there hasn’t been much […]

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  • Why is staff retention so important?

    Autumn is here and the somewhat unpredictable weather is showing a marked similarity to the Auckland IT labour market. Even though a record number of migrants entered New Zealand in the last year, numbers of available candidates are only […]

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  • Organisational size

    We at MTR always ask candidates about their preferred organisation with respect to culture and working environment. Usually candidates focus on the size of the company as a cultural yardstick and add opportunities to learn, develop and be creative […]

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  • The importance of a comprehensive induction

    Overcoming that “spare wheel” feeling most of us experience in our first few weeks in a new job, has traditionally been addressed by putting new employees through an induction programme. Aside from assuring new employees that they have made […]

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  • How contractors can help your business

    With the fluid nature of the IT industry – where technology and the demands of business, clients and users often change quickly – there can be great benefits to a having a flexible, on-demand workforce. While a skilled team […]

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  • Test assessment of candidates

    It is important when vetting candidates to measure them all equally. It’s also very important to ensure any tests they undertake are fair and relevant. Tests should never be used to “catch” candidates out. If you start with the […]

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  • Choosing a suitable recruitment consultant

    Whether you are hiring staff or looking for work, it can be difficult to know which one of the many recruiters to choose from. Assuming you have to engage with an agency, it’s important to understand that for the […]

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  • 2012 Christmas review

    The last few weeks approaching Christmas is often a quiet time for IT recruitment; as staff begin to trickle out on their holidays and managers work to wind up the year’s business, many companies have traditionally preferred to hold […]

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  • Candidate competency evaluation

    The decision to hire a new employee is often determined by just 45 minutes face to face contact. The candidate is also expected to make a career changing decision after the same amount of time in front of their […]

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  • A guide to interviewing candidates

    With a shortlist of promising candidates in hand, a thorough interview process is the next step. Before getting started it is important to define a structure, a series of interview questions and a list of the position’s key performance […]

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